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Vacation, Baby! (PrussiaXReader) Part 2
I combed the sand out of my hair, leaning over the bath tub in the bathroom attached to my room. I had just gotten in from outside, having launched into a sand fight with Peter and Al, followed by being scolded by Arthur for acting like children. Peter's excuse was he WAS a child, but Alfred and I were both properly chastised for it.
"Stupid Al... how did he manage to get this much sand in my hair?"
"I like zhe view, Fraulein. Zhough shouldn't you vait for zhe second or zhird date before you show me zhe goods?"
"What the? PERVERT! Who let you in here?!" I yelped, turning around and jumping behind the shower curtain.
"Vhy Arzhur did of course. It's time for our date."
"What part of NO did you not get?"
"Zhe no part." Gilbert grinned, leaning on the bathroom door frame. "Besides, Arzhur said you vould go. Apparently you need zhe socialization."
"I don't want to go. Especially not with YOU."
"Gimme a chance, Frau. I'm not ZHAT bad."
"I'll beg to differ."
"Come on. No Fraulein can resist m
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 18 8
Vacation, Baby! (PrussiaXReader) Part 1
I had my feet on the dashboard, headphones in as I ignored my older brother's attempts at conversation as he drove us from our hometown on Asheville, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC. The five hour drive had gone to six hours, and now seven, since during the last two hours traffic was bloody terrible.
My brothers, Alfred, Arthur and Peter, began to bicker about the fact that Alfred and I had been born in the US, but both Arthur and Peter were Brits. They had a tendency to argue over who's culture was the better. I sighed, turning up the volume on my iPod in hopes of drowning out their voices.
"Hey! Sis! HEYYY. Get up!" Alfred poked my head, shaking my shoulders, trying to get my attention in every rude way he could without actually saying something polite. "We're at the villa! IT'S HUGE! Come on!"
I looked out my passenger window, looking up at a large, 3 story house on stilts (For flooding). The siding was white, with windows scattered here and there. Arthur pulled the car into the car port, pa
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 25 6
I love you by KittyLavhsGreece I love you :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 5 2 Rainbow Day by KittyLavhsGreece Rainbow Day :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 8 2 Shiki by KittyLavhsGreece Shiki :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 1 0
OOCish!EnglandXRedLight!Reader- Fifth Av. Girls
    England really didn't enjoy going to places like this, and listening to Gilbert probably wasn't the best idea, given his past schemes and failures. But the blonde haired gentleman was in extreme sorrow, given his recent break up, and Gilbert had suggested maybe some of the 'lovely ladies' on Fifth Avenue would cheer him up a tad. Following the albinos directions, England found himself outside the old English pub turned strip club/ bar. Everyone knew he didn't handle his liquor very well at all, but he just needed to cut loose a bit. It'd been a while, and he knew it.
    As soon as he'd entered the building, the lust-colored lighting and heavy smell of liquor and perfume slapped him across the face, insulting his senses but also intoxicating him, leading him to a darker corner of the bar where his emerald eyes meet those of a young woman in a tight black dress. She looked somber and proper, but her eyes held a deep mystery, Arthur was intrigued.
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 9 2
Anniversary Reunion- USUK
    Alfred looked down at his desk, eyes glazed in pain, every breath like thorns plunging into his heart and lungs. He held a silver heart picture frame in his fist, dotted with tear drops and crushed dreams. Arthur had gone into war a little over a year ago and had yet to even write, or even send Alfred a text to tell him if he was even alive. For all her knew... No, he didn't want to think about that. Not today. Not on their anniversary.
"'Ey, mate... you all right?" Alfred looked up, someone surprising to see Allistor Kirkland leaning on his door frame. "Ya' look down..."
"I'm fine Allistor..." Alfred didn't want to see any of the Kirkland's today. All they'd do would bring even more pain than he was already in.
"Alright, mate. 'Ey... Why don't ya' come over t'night an' 'ave a drink with me brothers and I?"
"Don't feel like drinking, man."  
"Come on, mate, please?"
"I swear, it'll be worth it mate. We have a surprise for ya'."
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 11 1
PrussiaXReader- Untainted Love and Summer Storms.
     I made my way to Lovi's house, my back pack slung over my shoulder and my cell pressed to my ear, in yet another conversation with my boyfriend of three years, Gilbert.
"Yes, babe, I know... I'm sorry... it's just... something came up and I couldn't-"
"Zhis is the fourzh time zhis week, Fraulein." Gilbert whined. "Vhat's so important wizh zhe stupid Italian zhat you can't even hang out for some vurst vizh you awesome boyfriend?"
"I'm sorry... Tomorrow, I promise."
"Alright. Well, I'm at Lovi's place. I'll call you later, love you."
"Liebe dich auch..."
     I hung up my cell and stuck it in my bag, I felt terrible for ditching Gil, but I was only coming here to learn Latin. Gil and I were going to Rome for two weeks within the next month for vacation, and since Gilbert knew every bloody language in Europe, I wanted to learn at least one so I didn't sound so stupid in front of him. I wanted to impress him, and dammit I would!
     I knocked on Lovi's door, smil
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 46 10
EnglandXReaderXIceland- Who Will You Choose? Pt. 2
Who will you choose?
___________’s first day as a country, later that day.
“Hey. ____________, what were you doing hanging around with that cranky old brit?” Emil asked, ____________ shrugged, blushing bashfully.
“He asked me if I knew my way around… and offered me a tour…”
“Oh, well…”
“Why…? Do you not like him…?”
“No, he’s a good guy I guess, he’s a bit on the snoddy side, kinda like… the English version of Austria, yes?”
“Oh, okay…” ___________ nodded, having already met the pushy and uptight Austrian. Emil smiled at the petite country, admiring her innocent composure and shy ways. “Where are we going, anyway?”
“I’m taking you to get ice cream.” Emil smiled. “And the Northern Lights are next week, do you wanna go…?”
“Really? Can I?” ___________ gasped, grinning ha
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 20 12
EnglandXReaderXIceland- Who Will You Choose? Pt. 1
Who will you choose?
___________’s first day as a country
Grumbling to himself, Arthur Kirkland, the personification of the United Kingdom its self, attempted to push through Alfred’s rambling. The young American man was proposing his newest scheme of eliminating both World hunger and Global Warming. Bloody hell he is annoying. Arthur thought to himself, rubbing his temples with his middle fingers.
“Alright dudes! Oh, yeah I totally forgot! We have a new country to introduce!”  
“We haven’t had a new country in ages...” Arthur inquired, tapping his fingers rhythmically on the table.
“She’s-a our new little-a sister!” Feli giggled, sitting next to his brother Lovi. “One of-a our neighbor islands recently became-a certified country.”
“We’re-a helping her start off…” Lovi stated in a much less bubbly way.
“Interesting…” France laughed, smir
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 24 15
Mini-Contest~ Hetalia Datenight
Hello my beautiful Hetalians!^^ I have decided I want to try to have a Mini-contest in order to kick-off mine and my sister's (KizaKiza) new group! HetaliaDesu
The contest, since it's to start off our group, will have to start small, as we don't have many members at all. As we progress and grow larger, so will the contests, and the prizes. Our topic of the contest is Datenight. It can be a yaoi pairing, any pairing, Xreader, anything! As long as it's HETALIA.
    Here are the prizes for first, second, and third places (Note://they may be updated, as my helpers may contribute. So far it's just me)
First: 3 stories of any kind, and a llama
Second: 2 stories of any kind, and a llama
Third: 1 story of any kind, and a llama
Any one who enters will automatically get a llama badge as soon as I read it.
    Now, as any contest would, here are the rules.
1.) It may be a lemon, but I prefer more if it wasn't.
2.) Must be on topic
3.) No series guys, I love series, just not fo
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 5 0
Cherry Blossoms by KittyLavhsGreece Cherry Blossoms :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 13 2 Where's Your God Now? by KittyLavhsGreece Where's Your God Now? :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 7 1 Kill Me Angel by KittyLavhsGreece Kill Me Angel :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 9 1
Mature content
Punk!EnglandXReader- Burned Scones- Chapt. 9 LEMON :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 99 30
Best Friends Sister- AmericaXReader (Part One)
     ________ smiled at her brother as she cooked, slapping his hand playfully away from the food she was fixing. Arthur, or the UK, was a terrible cook, everyone knew it, plus they were having company over within the next few hours. Arthur had some friends from work coming over, and though _________ did the same work he did, he never allowed her to go to meetings in fear the other men would try to steal away her purity. Especially the one he called 'The Frog', otherwise known as France, or Francis.
"Arthur, would you mind getting the cream out of the fridge?" _________ asked, Arthur smiled and nodded, to him his sister was the pennical of innocence, and he'd like to keep it that way.
     When the men arrived, _________ was just finishing getting dressed. Arthur always made everything so formal when he had guests over. He always told her that the more innocent and angelic she was, the easier her job would be as a country. She alwa
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 142 23


Aw hell no by juneyijun Aw hell no :iconjuneyijun:juneyijun 289 31 Incubus by viscioushero Incubus :iconviscioushero:viscioushero 78 15 trident tattoos by bygon trident tattoos :iconbygon:bygon 163 25 Je t'aime by viria13
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Je t'aime :iconviria13:viria13 3,071 424
not anymore. by viria13 not anymore. :iconviria13:viria13 6,225 524 If Percy was a punk by viria13 If Percy was a punk :iconviria13:viria13 13,767 1,234 Dump8 by ribkaDory Dump8 :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 943 55 The Ghost King by juliajm15 The Ghost King :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 1,587 170 Times Change... by juliajm15 Times Change... :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 1,022 114 The day Jason Grace got rejected by Nico di Angelo by germanmissiles The day Jason Grace got rejected by Nico di Angelo :icongermanmissiles:germanmissiles 1,041 67 nico di angelo by jaeiss nico di angelo :iconjaeiss:jaeiss 361 26 Death Valley - (Nico di Angelo) by zjeanelle Death Valley - (Nico di Angelo) :iconzjeanelle:zjeanelle 289 56 Nico Di Angelo by viliann Nico Di Angelo :iconviliann:viliann 492 50 Heroes of Olympus: Nico di Angelo by Heller45 Heroes of Olympus: Nico di Angelo :iconheller45:Heller45 625 58 nico and bianca di angelo by winter-monsoon nico and bianca di angelo :iconwinter-monsoon:winter-monsoon 1,040 231 Now let the day just slip away.. by viria13
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Now let the day just slip away.. :iconviria13:viria13 7,677 355



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