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August 8, 2012
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     I yawned, laying my head down on the desk in my American History class. The teacher, Mr.Jones, was currently going on about the Revolutionary War, which seemed to always be hard for him when Mr.Kirkland was near by.
"Dude, _________, like, head up!" Mr.Jones laughed, tapping the back of my head. My head shot up, well, at least he was nice about it.
"S-sorry, Mr.Jones!"
"_________, would you like, see me after class? I needa talk to ya!"
"Y-yes sir." I nodded, folding my hands in my lap. He was a young teacher, and a lot of female students, and some male student as well, thought he was hot. Don't get me wrong, he was freakin' adorable, but...he was a teacher!

"So, _________, do you know why I asked you to stay?"
"Um...not really.."
"Well, like, your grades are totally sucking dude!" He threw his arms up, showing me a folder of my last several tests. "You went from being like, my best student, to my very worst! Why? What happened?"
"N-nothing sir.." I couldn't tell him about my parents divorce, or my aunt beating me, I couldn't start any trouble, it'd just make it worse!
"_________..." Mr.Jones said softly, he'd stood up from his desk, and was leaning over it to look me in the eye. Mr.Jones was truly very attractive, and he WAS 22...I was legal..18..wouldn't be that bad if I just kis- THE FUCK BRAIN? He's a teacher!
NO I JUS- what the hell...I'm arguing with myself... I've lost it..
"Y-yes, sir?" I looked up at him, just realizing how close his lips were to mine.
" mind..." Was that...a blush? "You need to like, get your grade up, _________. You'll have to do extra credit..." He had his back to me.
"What is extra credit? Anything specific?"
"I have an idea..." He suddenly turned to me, cupping my face in one hand. "I know you like me...__________....hell most of the class does....but you're the only one I like..."
" name is Alfred..."
"A-Alfred...what're you saying?"
"Be mine..." He stated simply, stroking his thumb along my jaw. "You are...very beautiful..."
"Alfred...some one will see us..." I blushed, turning my head away. He stood straighter, walking briskly over to the door, closing and locking it.
"Better?" He smirked, coming back over and sitting on his desk in front of me. "Now...your answer?"
"W-would we have to make it p-p-public?"
"Not unless you want to.." He stroked my cheek, brushing his thumb over my lips. " class...I might show a little affection..."
"I..I do like you.." I whispered, blushing heavily. "Sure, why not."
"Fantastic.." He purred, brushing his lips over mine.
"You can do better than that..." I purred, I had no idea where the sudden seductiveness came from, but Alfred seemed to like it.
"Oh..can I?" He smirked, he jumped off the desk, putting his hands on my hips and backing me up until my ass pressed the edge. His lips claimed mine and he picked me up, setting me on the desk and forcing my legs around his waist. He licked across my lower lip, asking for entrance, only to be denied. He growled lowly at the rejection, grabbing my ass firmly and bucking his hips into mine. I gasped, he took advantage of it, exploring every dip and curve of my mouth. He pulled away suddenly. "E-enough.." He panted, as out of breath as I was. "If..if we go any further..I wont be able to stop..."
"That's...a good idea..." I breathed. "I don't feel like loosing my virginity in my homeroom..."
"Would..would you come over..tonight?"
"It would be my pleasure..Mr.Jones.."
Oh Jesus Christ... :iconotlplz:
I'm so ashamed.. o.e stupid, gross mind...I DONT EVEN LIKE AMERICA THAT WAY O.e I'm an Iceland fangirl... o.e
ANYWAY, this is for you America fangirls... ENJOI<3

part two(LEMON): [link]
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Rasberry24 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
See I'm more of Canadian girl, but I can go for him. ( More like the brother package)
TheFireDragonesReshi Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member Student Filmographer
Now then a decision I need to make is wether or not I click the part 2 O/////O
marlyjade Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  New member
Cool but canon wise he is actually 19 making this relationship even more legal
nightwolf9458960 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm more of an English girl, but America sounded a little Jamaican or like a surfer dude. He's actually more of a football kinda dude
CookieGirlXP Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
The fact that there's a 'hot' teacher in my school and everyone is gaga for him(girls only school)..... *phonepalm* I'm like literally one of the very few girls who doesn't like him! And how Mr Jones had to remind me!
thatcatlover20 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Make a part 2
kanamegirl60 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student General Artist
*feels awkward because I had a teacher named Mr. Jones*
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ohohohoh America got my dirty mind         shut up you bloody frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   maple             ummmmmmmmmmmmmm big bro it that insast
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this my old one
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