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July 21, 2012
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     I laid in bed, feeling like complete and utter shit since Britain found it fit to give ME his cold. I have a weak immune system for fucks sake! Bloody Brit.
     My best friend Lili, or Liechtenstein as she's also known, had been taking care of me all day, refusing to leave me alone after England's 'close call'. Plus, she didn't want France to take the same responsibilities he did with England, landing me to be raped.
     As of right then I laid in my bed, freakishly pale, red eyed and with a fever of 102. Attractive right? So it's only karma that someone would knock on my door, and be it as it will, it was my crush of six months, Lili's brother, Switzerland, or Basch.   
"Come in, bruder!" Lili yelled, I rolled over to face the wall away from the door, I didn't want him to see what utter shit I looked like.
"Hallo Lili, are you ready to go?"
"Just a minute, Basch, I have to go stop the oven!" Lili smiled, running out of the room. Basch must of thought I was asleep, because he sat on the edge of my best, resting his hand on my side.
"Oh, _________, vhat have you gotten yourzelf into zis time?" He chuckled quietly, stroking my side. I knew I'd begun to spend to much time with China and Japan, because I had to resist the urge to fangirl at this tiny physical contact.
     He stroked a strand of hair from my face, I wanted to snap at him, tell him if he got to close he'd be sicker than sick himself, but, I enjoyed this to much, I stayed in my 'sleeping' position.
"Ready bruder!" Lili yelled from the door, I could tell Basch's signature stone face was back, until, he leaned down and brushed a small, dry kiss against the back of my neck.
"Get vell soon, ________, little one..." He whispered, before shutting my bedroom door slowly and joining his sister outside.
Sorry for anyone reading my BTT series! I haven't been getting ideas, and this just came to me ten minutes ago! I'll finish the series I swear! I just need ideas.
ANYWAY, I think Basch(Vash) is sexy as hell, and well, yeah :iconswitzerlandplz:

Next chapter: [link]
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