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May 31, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You yawned and stretched, Prussia eyed you across the room, causing you to meow uncomfortably.
"_______-san~ it's your turn." Japan whispered, you stretched again, pawing up the hat. Before you even pull your item out of the hat you're picked up and slung over a shoulder. He completely ignored the closet, and went straight down to Germany's basement, a.k.a, Prussia's room. Which lead you to believe, Prussia was your captor.
He threw you, surprisingly gently, onto the bed. Gilbird, his beloved pet, chirped excitedly. Prussia left the bed to throw a blanket over the birds cage, locking the door and turning back to you, a devilish grin on his face.
Prussia crawled on top of you, pinning you into the soft sheets of the bed. He nuzzles your neck, gently kissing up your neck to your jaw. His hands rub your sides, making you squirm and squeak. You squirmed to try to escape.
"Relax~kesesesesese." He purred, stroking your face. You gasp as Prussia slips his hands into your pants.
"Eeep!" You squeak, Prussia smirks and rubs the inside of your leg, causing you to loose the will to fight and give into the Prussian man. He quickly takes advantage, sliding your pants off, followed soon by his own.
You slide you hands gently up his shirt, throwing the increasingly annoying garment across the room. You run your hands over the muscled chest as he quickly disposes of your shirt. You rest your hand lightly on the bottom of his stomach.
"Tease.." He moans, trying to slide up so your hands touch him. You slide your hand down, wrapping your hand around the sensitive, throbbing base. You tighten your grip, Prussia moans and accidentally bucks into your hand.
"You like that..?" You whisper, Prussia nods as you add pressure slowly.
"Mhmmmmm~ shut up and kiss me..!" He groaned, you oblige and kiss him hard, he shoves his tongue in your mouth, making it obvious he owns you. He moves slowly to your neck, searching for a place. He soon finds one, sucking hard and leaving a large purple hicky. "You're MY territory now~keseses.." He whispers. "All mine."
Someone bangs loudly on the door, which, of course with it being Germany's house, didn't even budge.
"Your time is up!" Germany yells, Prussia grumbles.
"Shut up!~ Ve're out! Leave! Ve're..not done..!" He yelled, his voice lowering as he leans down to kiss you roughly. Germany storms off and Prussia looks at you seductively. "Shall ve?" He asks, kissing down your chest.
He slowly removes his boxers, then your own panties. "Virgin?" He asks quietly, you nod weakly. "I'll be gentle.." He whispers, rubbing the inside of your thigh. "It'll hurt a bit at first..but it'll get better, I promise…" You nod and wrap your arms limply around him, him knowing very well your catty ways could easily shred his back. He gently moves your legs apart, aligning his hips to yours. He leans over, planting a gentle kiss on your lips as he slides in. You groan in pain and go limp, he patiently waits until you begin moving before he starts again.
As he goes you clutch the sheets, Prussia soon begins moaning your name quietly and lowly. "_______…_-____…" He gasps, you clutch the bed sheets tightly, pain quickly evolving to pleasure. As it began clear you were enjoying it, Prussia gains pace and begins adding more power to his thrusts. Prussia groans loudly as he begins to warm, he bends to kiss you hard as he finishes.
He falls limply next to you, both of you panting hard. Prussia wraps his arms around you, bringing your small body to his and you play with his hair.
"______, I love you.."
"I love you, too.."
Hehe, this is my first Hetalia story and of course I must have the lemon. This was based off a Seven Minutes in Heaven that I'm working on, so more on the way!

And comment anything you think I can improve on or whatever, or just what you think! I appreciate it<3

:iconmassiveblushplz: I'm a pervert.. :iconyayprussiaplz:
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